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Limited Lifelong Guarantee Requirements

The Limited Lifelong Warranty guarantees products to be free from fabrication damages in materials and craftsmanship during the lifetime of the product.

If such damage is found, we will fix your product or change it, as suitable and in our prudence, with the same or equal model, free of charge.

This Warranty can’t be transferred  or cover domestic defects, dressing on and tear, damages which are the result of maltreatment, misuse, loss of the unit, unauthorized fixing or incorrect  handling, ordinary carrier harm, loss of use, or loss of time.

Consequential damage also is not covered by the Warranty. To validate your guarantee coverage you should have the original sales receipt (digital or printed copy) which confirms the date or buy from an authorized retailer.

The needed functionality will be restored by the repairs. Thought, the fixing is made by the professionals, the original can be changed. This guarantee gives you special legal rights, and you may also have other rights which can be different depending on the state or country. The shipping cost of returning of the product for repair or replacement is paid by the customer.

Restrictions on this Warranty

Only new products can be under this Warranty, products gifted to others or resold are not applied under this guarantee. The warranty is disclaimed in the moment when product is resold or given away.

This guarantee does not refer for buying new products obtained from a free promotional giveaway or a discounted products which are sold at 80% or more of their ordinary cost.

The accessories that come with the product , such as, cases, lens and eye covers, lens cloths, belts, tripods are not covered by this warranty, as well as the accessories sold not together with the product.

Replacement schedule is the following:

  • If described above requirements are met in your situation, we will change your product during the lifetime of the product.

  • After the first replacement, we will change the product only after 6 months from the first changing

  • If we replace your unit we will only ship within the continental US.

Lifetime limited guarantees is covered under lifetime by All ZoomX Products.

To make a guarantee claim or for more information please contact our support team at

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