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The Most Effective Ways to Prevent Ticks and Remove Ticks (aka NATURE’S NIGHTMARE)

Let’s Talk about The Tick – Nature’s Nightmare

They haven’t invented a word in any language yet to describe the absolute fear and hatred I have for the tick – one of God’s smallest creatures. To be perfectly frank, I can’t even understand how a loving God could have made these things – and I’ve told my husband many times that when I enter heaven that will be one of the first questions I ask.

This article will teach you how to treat yourself to prevent ticks, and the best ways to remove ticks, (and the ways you should NOT remove a tick) so you can enjoy the great outdoors but not nature’s nightmare! (the tick)!

My husband actually has Lyme disease. Guess where he got it? You’ll never believe it. Lyme, Connecticut. True Story. I hate these things.

My daughter? She had ticks on her HEAD. I had to learn how to remove a tick from a child’s head! On her scalp. And after they were removed, her lymph nodes swelled up, and if that doesn’t freak you out as a mom then I don’t know what will. But at the end of the day, the doctor was right – the lymph nodes were just doing their jobs and fighting the infection.

They did a great job too, by the way, and she was perfectly fine within about a week and a half.

In the meantime, just the idea of them creeps me out to a level that to be honest, its hard for me to even continue writing.

So, as it just so happens, the outdoors does in fact, contain these little gross pests, and since yours truly loves to go outside and enjoy God’s masterpieces (other than the ticks), whats a girl to do? First things first, you have to prevent ticks from getting on you in the first place. I’m here to help.

How to Prevent Ticks and Create A Bug Free Environment (Well, at least the best you can.)

1. Treat Yo’ Self

Prevent ticks. It is the best policy, people. You know the old saying – An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of dead ticks. Or something like that. The point is – you need to treat yo’ self.

The top three products people use to prevent ticks are:  DEET, natural products, and Picaridin.


Due to conflicting report, DEET makes me a bit nervous, and I wanted to find something a bit more safe (in my opinion).Although, it is true that DEET WILL prevent ticks, and since this is an article about preventing ticks, you need all the information to make your own decision.But for me, there are better options than DEET.

Natural Tick Prevention

People swear by natural products as well.One article gives a great review and recipe for this natural product that she swears by. I have never tried it, but everywhere you look, you see that people swear by these recipes as a tick repellant!If you want to know how to prevent ticks on humans naturally, give this a try!And if you give one a try, let me know!


My bottom line opinion: Sawyer products are simply the BEST to prevent ticks.

Use Sawyer Products SP544 Premium Insect Repellent with 20% Picaridin for your exposed body parts (which should be as minimal as possible if you are in tick-land.) There is a lotion and a spray, but I’ve only ever used the spray. These Sawyer products repel mosquitoes, flies and TICKS. It won’t harm or disintigrate any of your clothes or gear. It’s totally safe to use on the whole family; won’t harm clothing, backpacks, fishing line, firearm finishes, watches, sunglasses, or other synthetic fabric!

The spray lasts 12 hours, and the Sawyer Products SP564 Premium Insect Repellent with 20% Picaridin, Lotion. And it lasts up to 14 hours on mosquitos and TICKS and 8 hours against biting flies (those things are tougher I guess!)To be fair, I’m also a big fan of Natrapel 12-Hour Mosquito, Tick and Insect Repellent.

They have 20% Picaridin, and that’s what keeps the ticks away.It also provides protection from mosquitoes, because who wants the Zika Virus or West Nile?I didn’t see any hands raise. Also apparently, it protects against Chikungunya.What?I don’t even know what that is.But I DO KNOW that I don’t want it.Or the Dengue plague or whatever that is.The point is that I don’t want any of this stuff, but I ESPECIALLY don’t want ticks.

2. Treat Your Clothes

Treat your clothes and any gear that you might have (camp chairs, outdoor equipment, tents, sleeping bags, etc.) with Sawyer Products SP649 Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent Trigger Sprayto prevent ticks.So, stop right now and go get this, just trust me.This stuff lasts 42 days of outdoor exposure(and isn’t 42 the answer to life, the universe and everything?)

It also lasts through 6 washings. That’s pretty powerful stuff for tick prevention on clothing. Its odorless after it dries and it either repels or kills mosquitos, TICKS, and apparently over 55 other insects – I don’t even want to know what they are, but I’m glad I don’t know. Ignorance is bliss.

Another option is clothing that is ALREADY TREATED with Permethrin. Let that sink in, people. ITS ALREADY TREATED! And get this – it lasts up to 70 washings like this ExOfficio Men’s BugsAway Sandfly Lightweight Jacket!!  They also have shirts like the ExOfficio Men’s BugsAway Sandfly Lightweight Pants-Insect, Tick, Mosquito Repellent Permethrin Clothing, shorts, pants! You name it 🙂  It’s honestly the best way to go. Seriously.

3. Light It Up!

Citronella candles – break them out baby!If you want to know how to prevent ticks in your yard, then look into these!You can find these in the form of tiki torches or tabletop candles.Light them up – they do help with keeping bugs at bay.

Plus you can get some that look super cute! Patio Essentials 21092GEO-SPK Citronella Candle, Assorted are awesome!Because who doesn’t want their outdoor landscape to look super cute, when you are trying to get rid of one of nature’s grossest creatures?Hey, at least it will take your mind off of things 🙂

4. How to remove a tick – If you get a tick, don’t panic.

(Oh, who am I kidding?)

If you happen to get a TICK (ugh, gross, vomit) then this is the strategy you want to follow:

  1. Scream and totally freak out that this thing is sucking the life out of you! (All while putting his gross tick particles into your blood.)

  2. Calm down a bit.

  3. Grab this tick removal tool or tweezers.

  4. Very carefully grab at the base of the tick, right near your skin as much as possible, and pull it out. The tool allows you to grab right by your skin and slowly twist it out.

  5. Put on some antibiotic ointment

  6. Drink a beer, and eat some yummy food, and finally relax! (and talk about how you seriously hate ticks so much!)

Please note that these methods work also if you want to know how to removed a tick from a dog or cat.

Do not do these things:

If you do the following things, it will only cause the tick to fight against you, and likely truly vomit  into your body, thus releasing any diseases such as Lyme, etc.So please use the methods described above regarding how to remove a tick, and tick head.

  1. Do not remove ticks with a cottonball covered in something.

  2. Never remove a tick by covering it in vaseline.

  3. Do not try to remove a tick by burning it.


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