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Sample 4-day Backcountry Menu

Meals Meals Meals!

Why is it so hard to figure out what to take to eat in the backcountry? I think it's because we want to eat something that's made in our kitchens, but all we have is a flame and a pot a quarter of the size of your smallest pot at home. Well, at least that's all I'm willing to carry. 

I'm a pretty simple backcountry eater, but I need variety. The ease of planning and ease of how my meal is prepared (boiling water) typically beats out my willingness for variety. Make sense?


1. One-step meals = only boiling water = easy 2. Willing to eat the same lunch for up to 5 days (b/c it's easier to plan) 3. My food options need to be significantly different than my previous backpacking trip (but still easy!) 4. Very easy clean-up = swish around water in dirty pot and voila! 5. What looks appetizing when I pick it up and look at it (when I haven't even hike 5 miles yet)?  6. If something looks "meh," I don't take it. I know I won't want to eat it when I'm in the wilderness, and that's bad. Getting calories in is important, but if I don't feel like eating, it'll really take a toll physically and mentally. So I only take stuff that I WANT to eat. 

here's a sample 4-day backcountry trip menu.


  • Oatmeal (3 servings all in one bag)

  • VIA Coffee (1/day)



  • Tortilla (1/day)

  • Cheddar cheese (1-2oz/day)

  • Salami (1.5oz/day)

  • Mayo and Dijonnaise packets (1/day) - really helps elevate the meal!


  • Good To-Go Smoked Three Bean Chili split into two meals (Or try their Thai Curry - it's THE BEST!)

  • Tapatio Hot Sauce (For added oomph!)

  • Korean Ramen noodles + extra a handful of dehydrated veggies (found a veggie soup in the bulk section of my local natural food store)


  • 3 Epic bars

  • 3 Rise bars

  • 1 Clif Mojo bar

  • 2 oz of summer sausage

  • 1 bag of Dang coconut chips (SO GOOD)

  • 2 small green tea Kit Kat bars

  • 1 Theo chocolate peanut butter cups

  • 1/2 bar of Theo milk chocolate bar

  • 2 pieces of Flower Kiss Candy

  • 1 (leftover) bite-size Snickers bar

  • 2 packets of GU chomps (Strawberry is the best flavor and it's caffeinated!)

  • Sour candy medley (Sour patch kids, Haribo gummy bears, Sour punch bites (strawberry and apple flavors are my fav), Peach O's

  • 1 Hot chocolate packet as a treat after dinner


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