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How to choose a travel backpack for easy travelling

Choosing a high-quality backpack with all essential aspect is essential for any type of travels like a bus, flight, road trips, cycling, walking, hitchhiking, ferries, etc. For a short distance travel, carrying a suitcase with you would be fine, but what about a long trip or an adventure tour?

You can’t just carry a suitcase in your hand and travel or perform any adventurous action, in this case, a good backpack will help you.

It’s essential if you know how to choose the right type of backpack for easy travelings like what kind of backpack you need, which size to prefer, whether to go with a front load or top load and the critical features that a backpack should include for the comfort and longevity.

Today, let’s check out all the above factors that you need to note down while choosing a backpack for easy traveling in detail.

How to Choose a Travel Backpack?

While considering a backpack, there are many factors to look for. Researching every backpack and then choosing the one from it is a time-consuming process. Here are some of the primary considerations you need to note before deciding a backpack.

  • Whether it fits your height and shape of your body

  • If the backpack has best weight distribution

  • Is it best to protect and carry your travel items

  • Whether it’s comfortable and functional to carry during the travel

  • If the backpack is simple for packing and unpacking

  • Is it within your budget requirement

Physical Fitness

People who carry a backpack for the first time during the travel will find difficulties in carrying due to the pressure experienced on your lower back and shoulders, so in this case looking your physical fitness is best and you need to go with the one that fits your height, style, etc. correctly.

Never get a backpack just because your friends liked the backpack or shared a good experience with it, you need to choose the one that is apt for your need and your body type. Persons are different and therefore you will need different travel gear requirements.

There are backpacks designed for both male and female so make sure you are getting the right one based on your sex. Female backpacks are designed to be smaller as they have wider hips and shorter torso. In the case of small hips, the broad-shouldered and tall female then you can go with the male backpack.

What Size of Travel Backpack do you need

The factors depend on your travel needs and styles.

  • Know the kind of transportation, whether it’s a bus, flight or any road trip

  • Where are you going to accommodate? Apartment, hotel, camping or guest house?

  • Flashpacker or backpacker

  • Note down your packing habits

  • What season is the place you are going to travel, check out the destinations?

There can’t be just one bag that is suitable for every occasion and every person. You need to look for the travel style, how long you are going to travel each country and how many years gap you will be taking in between and more travel style so that you can choose the desired backpack for making your traveling more comfortable.

Some travelers love to be Digital Nomad who plans to work on the road along with the travel, in this case, you need to carry any camera bag or computer bag so your backpack should be good enough to handle the weight.

What about the travel gear?

Many of the backpackers are happy with 30 to 55 liter to carry less weight and to avoid excess baggage fees. The small backpack will be the best option if you are traveling to live a minimal lifestyle. Based on the distance of the travel, you can increase or decrease the travel gear.

Front load or top load backpack?

The accessing of your bag is very important in the case of choosing a travel backpack, do you wish to go with front load or top load?

Front load means panel loading; this means how you are going to deal with the things inside or outside the backpack. Front load backpack will have a zipper that is accessible all around; you will be able to peel off the front piece, unzip and much more. They also act as a greater support to your back, and you can sit comfortably wherever you travel with a backpack.

Go with the U-zip system where the zipper is capable enough to go around any sides of the bag; you can pack and unpack any time with ease if you opt for the front loader.

In this case, there is only one opening at the top, and therefore it would be harder for accessing any gears that are taller and narrower. Still, if you need to prefer choosing the top loading ones, then you can get packing cubes which can make your work easier.

I always opt for front-loading backpack as they have multiple benefits namely

  • Easier and rapid packing and unpacking

  • The more significant opening makes to take any gear with ease without pulling all things out.

  • There are more access points namely the top, front, side, bottom, etc.

  • Best for shorter torsos as they are shorter in size.

  • Zipper closures have multiple advantages when compared to drawstrings.  

Bottom Line

Hope the above guide on choosing the right backpack for easy traveling will help you to opt for the perfect backpacks based on your travel.


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