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Extensive Tent Camping Checklist Be Prepared For Your Next Camp Adventure

Are you going camping? Don't know what to pack? This is a comprehensive tent camping checklist to use for ideas and suggestions when packing for your next camping trip, road trip or holiday.

You may see things on this tent camping checklist that you have not taken before and you may be interested in trying on your next camping trip. Most likely you have been to camping stores and been amazed at what is available, just about anything you can think of is available for campers.

Camping Equipment List

  • Large tent or several smaller tents

  • Lightweight tent for hiking or for quick setup overnight

  • Plastic pegs to use in sand, heavy duty and spare metal pegs

  • Ground sheet – cut slightly smaller than base of tent

  • Gazebo or screen tent - with poles, pegs, ropes, mallet

  • Extra tarp and rope to make shade or rain protection cover

Camping Sleeping Gear

  • Foam mattress, airbed or self inflating Mattress, stretcher or swag

  • Sleeping bags or sheets, blankets, doona

  • Pillow & pillow case

  • Foot pump for air mattress

Camp Table And Chairs

  • Camp table - for meals and preparing food.

  • Extra small table to sit around or play games.

  • Chairs - foldable and comfortable and compact folding stools

Camp Kitchen Cooking Utensils

  • 2 way or 3 way Fridge, cooler or esky and ice

  • Gas stove or BBQ & stand, gas hose & fittings, spanner to connect gas fittings

  • Gas bottles – check full

  • Cooking plate or grill

  • Frypans, saucepans, kettle or billy

  • Camp or Dutch oven, tripod stand, recipe book

  • Toasting fork, campfire heatproof glove, campfire tools

  • Plates and bowls – metal, plastic or disposable

  • Plastic or metal unbreakable cups and mugs

  • Cutlery coooking utensils - tongs, sharp knives, vegie peeler, large spoon etc

  • Equipment for washing dishes

  • Cutting board, grater, sieve, mixing bowl, small reusable food containers

  • Roll of foil, paper towel, chux, cling wrap, plastic and resealable bags

Food To Take Camping List

  • Meat for Barbecues, camp oven, sandwichesand rolls, main meals and breakfast

  • Every day type of ingredients like eggs, pasta, flour, pasta vegetables, cheese, fruit etc

  • Milk, Soft drink, cordial, juice, beer, wine etc also tea and coffee etc

  • Salt & pepper. herbs, spice, Sauces, Cooking oil

  • Toast spreads, butter or margarine. breakfast cereal

  • Take a variety of packaged and tinned food.

  • Take a variety of fresh and dry bread products.

  • Snacks and sweets - chips, biscuits, cakes etc

TIP - - Meat can be purchased vacuum sealed or cryovaced from a butcher or supermarket. The meat will keep for about 6 weeks refrigerated. This is especially good for fresh meat like steak it stops the meat oozing into your fridge or cooler. But be careful that the plastic wrap does not get pierced to let air in. Place in hard plastic container if possible.

Miscellaneous Tent Camping Checklist

  • Fishing boat & safety equipment

  • Fishing gear, rods, line, bait and tackle

  • Bicycles, scooters, helmets

  • GPS navigation, CB walkie talkie & batteries, personal safety beacon

  • Floor mat for entrance of tent, small rake for clearing campsite

  • Beach umbrella or beach shelter

  • Flashlight or torch, rechargeable lantern, gas or 12 volt light

  • Rope for clothesline and pegs, mossie net, hammock

  • Radio, binoculars, compass, pocket knife, multipurpose tool, matches or lighter

  • Large water bottles 10 or 20 litre and personal water bottles/li>

  • Toilet / Shower tent, Porta Potti, gas hot water unit or gas shower unit, Solar or canvas shower

  • Laundry detergent and coin for washing machines or dryers, laundry bag

  • Clock, mobile phone and recharger

  • Axe or hatchet, small shovel, Spray can of waterproofing for canvas tent

  • Plastic bucket or collapsible water bucket, backpack, stubby holders, spare batteries, tide times chart, list of emergency phone numbers

  • Garbage bags, tent floor brush and pan, hammer or mallet for tent pegs

  • Repair kit - large rubber bands, thin and thick wire, strong needle and thread, cable ties, rope, glue, shoelaces, mattress and tent repair kit

  • Ocki or stretchy straps

  • Generator and extension power lead

Bathroom Supplies Camp List

  • Hair neccesities

  • Toiletries

  • Nail and hair scissors

  • Towels - some for swimming & showering

  • Shaving razor and shaving cream

  • Lip balm, Sunscreen & Insect repellent

  • Toilet paper and tissues

  • Anti bacterial hand cleaner, disposable cleaning wipes & hand towel

Medical Supplies Checklist For Camping

  • Prescribed medication

  • First Aid kit and pain relief capsules or tablets

  • Asthma & allergy medication, Eye drops, Dettol and Aerogard etc

  • Sunburn and moisturising cream, snake bite kit, thermal emergency blanket

  • Insect bite cream or spray, tissues and disposable wipes, small scissors, tablets for purifying water

Clothing Packing List For Camping

  • Long pants and shorts, tracksuit pants or jeans

  • Long sleeve shirts and T shirts

  • Jumpers or windcheaters

  • Hats or caps, socks, mittens or gloves

  • Wet weather clothing, disposable jacket or ponchos

  • Sandals, thongs, boots, runners, comfortable walking shoes

Camping With Kids List

  • Soft and play toys, travel, card & ball games

  • Reading and colouring books, pencils

  • Scissors, colour paper, glue stick and book suitable for diary

  • Life jackets, flotation devices and swimming goggles

  • Beach toys - bucket and spade etc

  • Glow sticks and torch

  • Baby and toddler requirements

TIP - Remember to take a few of their favourite toys, especially soft toys. Have a few new small books or toys available - handy when they are sick or need distracting.

Personal Items Packing List

  • Wallet, money, credit cards, etc.

  • Sunglasses, reading glasses, note paper & pen, watch and Identification

  • Camera, film, batteries, video camera

  • Itinerary, map books, tourist info

  • Contact phone numbers, envelopes, stamps, address book

  • List of any special occassions to remember while you are travelling

  • Magazines and reading books

Vehicle Equipment - Repairs and Spares

  • Radiator hose

  • Fanbelts, hoses and hose clamps

  • 12V compressor for car tyres and air mattresses

  • Battery jumper leads

  • Oil, brake fluid, auto transmission fluid, fuel filter

  • Spare tyre tubes, pressure gauge, tyre lever and bead breaker, repair kit

  • Tool kit and fuses

  • Snatch strap, 2 'D' shackles, shovel, axe and jack

  • Short length of strong wire

  • Heavy duty and good quality tape

  • Can WD40 and Stop Leak


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