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Dry Shampoo for Camping: Feel Wonderful in the Wild

Dry Shampoo for Camping: Feel Wonderful in the Wild

Any outdoor gal can appreciate the appeal in not having to go through the laborious and inconvenient process of a proper hair wash when out in the wilderness. Not only do you have to carry camping shampoo and conditioner, adding extra and unnecessary weight to your pack, but there’s also the risk of catching a chill from being outside with damp hair. Our solution – dry shampoo for camping!

Dry shampoo has made something of a resurgence in recent years, working wonders to boost limp, lacklustre camping hair without the hassle of a wet wash and blow dry. Applied as either a spray or powder and then brushed out, dry shampoo works by absorbing excess oils from your wild camping hair, giving it a new lease of life and leaving it feeling fresh and clean.

And it’s not just about the convenience. Dry shampoos are quickly becoming a styling essential, adding body and texture for a voluminous look. Just because we might smell like a pig-sty after a day out trekking, doesn’t mean we need to look like one –despite out best efforts at keeping on top of camping hygiene. A quick spray will keep you looking as great as all the fresh air and exertion makes you feel, and might add something like pleasantness to your aroma too!

Dry shampoo for camping

Here are a few more reasons we think dry shampoo for camping should feature on the packing list of every outdoor gal:

Less is more

Washing your hair every day can strip away healthy oils, which can lead to dry, damaged hair, so consider using a dry shampoo between washes to keep your hair healthy and manageable, with the added benefit of giving your hair a break from the blow dryer.

No water, no problem

Dry shampoo is a god-send to festival goers and camping fanatics, keeping their crazy camping hair free of oil and other gunk when the facilities aren’t available for a leisurely scrub. Simply spray and go.

Quick & convenient

Washing and drying long hair can be an arduous process, so when you’re strapped for time it’s a fantastic option for taming your rebellious locks. It only takes a couple of minutes to apply so it’s a great idea to keep some handy for those hair emergencies!

Camouflage roots

A lot of dry shampoos on the market tend to lighten hair a touch so are ideal for women who colour their hair blond and wish to mask darker roots between trips to the salon. If you have darker hair, look out for products specifically for brunettes which contain darker powders.

Big on style

Dry shampoo for camping can also work wonders as a styling agent, effortlessly adding texture and volume. Spray evenly from roots to tips to give your strands more grip, then use a brush to add lift where needed. It’s also a great secret weapon when going for an updo. Those with fine, flat hair will benefit the most.

So before you go throwing any efforts to maintain some sense of femininity out of the window, try the genius of dry shampoo for camping and wilderness adventures.


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