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Camping Hand Washing Station

I sawthis ideaon Pinterest and loved it.  Unfortunately it was just an image on Pinterest so I don’t know who to give credit to.   Regardless, I knew we had to try it out on our next camping trip.  And it was perfect!  My kids and I could wash our hands without having to trek to the bathrooms a million times a day.  And the best part, my kids actually wanted to wash their hands.  (Is it just me because sometimes getting my kids to wash their hands is a chore?)

Easy peasy!  You’ll need a water jug, bungee cords, a paper towel holder, paper towels and foaming hand soap.  (Trust me, foaming hand soap is much better!)  You’ll want to put a wash bin on the ground to catch the excess water so your camp site doesn’t get muddy.

What do you think?  I’ll try anything to make camping easier (and get my kids clean!)  This was perfect!


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