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5 brilliant camping breakfast recipes

One-pan English breakfast

A full English is the ultimate start to a day of outdoor adventure, providing sustained energy that will fill you up until lunch time, and beyond. But it is also a bit of a pain to cook when camping as it requires perfect timing, high end multi-tasking skills and far too many pans. So this one-pan recipe is the perfect solution to your lacking facilities and skills, and it can be cooked over a campfire, grill or gas burner.

Peshwari porridge

This naan bread inspired porridge recipe is one of our camping breakfast staples. It’s so easy to prepare, very lightweight and super quick to cook making it an excellent backpacking food option too. Plus the fat and protein provided by the nuts and coconut will sustain you for longer than your usual oatmeal breakfast. Ideal for longer trips when all the fresh ingredients have been used up.

Black bean huevos rancheros

This recipe works very well as a quick lunch, but we love having it for breakfast. It’s a good option for later on in a trip when meat-free meals fill the camping menu. A can of refried beans can be used in the place of the black beans if you’d prefer.

Banana chocoalte pancakes

The key to successful pancakes is a great non-stick frying pan. If you don’t have one then expect some ‘test’ pancakes before you get them right. For end of a trip ease, go for a premixed batter. But if you fancy starting from scratch then this crêpe recipe definitely won’t fall flat on its face.  Fill it with chopped bananas and chcolate spread for a flipping brilliant start to the day!

Scrambled egg and smoked salmon wraps

We make this breakfast every single time we go on weekend camping trips. It’s ideal for the morning of day two as the smoked salmon will last fine for a little while after the cooler ice has melted. Add whatever fillings you fancy, but we like it with garlic cream cheese, fresh coriander or basil, a squeeze of lime, sliced avocado and some chopped tomatoes. You’re welcome!

5 yummy camping lunch recipes

Couscous, clementine and chickpea salad

Couscous is a lifesaver when camping. Even if you don’t have a specific meal planned for its use, it should always feature on your camping food list. This fresh and fruity lunch is so simple to make, and a light and summery option for those steamy days. Also great for a packed lunch if you make it in the morning and pop into some tupperware.

Walking tacos 

These genius little packets of deliciousness are ideal for days on the campsite when you simply can’t tear your kids away from that epic camping game that has consumed them for much of the day. This is food to go, camping style.

Cheese and tomato pie iron 

These are so much fun to make and are ideal for those lazy camping days sat around the fire. I love the simplicity of melted cheese and tomato, but if you get creative then you can fill your pie iron with just about anything. Before you know it you’ll be churning out three meals a day with these cool little hot pockets.

Asian wraps 

Another camping favourite from Dirty Gourmet, these Asian wraps are a full-flavoured build-your-own lunchtime buffet treat. Or wrap it all up in the morning for your packed lunch and they won’t disappoint when you present them after a morning of strenuous hiking.

Bean salad

This is canned food at its best – disguised as an irresistibly fresh and healthy salad. A great way to get some protein on board when the fresh options have dried up, this salad is ideal as a meal on its own or as a hearty wrap filler.

5 easy camping dinner recipes

Chorizo Paella

Simple and summery, this one-pan camping meal is ideal for large groups, providing you have a big enough pan! The chorizo is the star ingredient to this dish and will provide a full flavoured and unexpected meaty treat that can happily be served at the end of an extended camping trip.

Chickpea and mushroom tagine

Another one-pot wonder, this hearty vegetarian recipe works equally well cooked in a Dutch oven as it does on a single gas stove. A good recipe to add to the camping menu after all the meaty meals have been gobbled up. The mushrooms provide an excellent substitute to chunks of chicken, but won’t last forever without refrigeration, so keep your eyes on them.

Campfire baked sea bass

Whenever I’m camping near the sea, I can’t help but get a baked whole fish meal onto the menu. It’s a really easy foil wrapped meal accompanied by some campfire roasted vegetables. For the best results, buy your fish straight off the harbour fishing boats and cook it on a beachside campfire. Summer perfection!

Halloumi and vegetable kebabs 

These are great fun for the kids to help put together and are perfect to add to a big BBQ or as the main dish for a smaller group. Replace the haloumi with chunks of lamb or chicken, and add a teaspoon or two of garam masala to the oil and vinegar for a spicy moroccan meaty main.

Sweet potato and corn chowder

Cooking with sweet potatoes rather than normal spuds can be a real time saver when camping, and they provide some delicious nutrition too. This recipe is seriously healthy without lacking in heartiness. But if you’re after a full-fat high calorie version then we’ve got you covered by adding bacon bits and double cream. Cook more than you need and heat up for a quick and easy lunch the next day.

5 delicious camping dessert recipe

Banana boats

This foil wrapped campfire dessert is so delicious and so much fun to make, whatever your age. Just be careful when transporting and storing your bananas that they don’t get squished, or you’ll end up with chocolatey shipwrecks in your campfire.

Roasted caramel pecan and peaches

One of the healthiest camping desserts out there that also do a great job of replacing all that used up energy at the same time. I’ve had these for a camping breakfast before with pancakes. They are best foil roasted in the fire, but also turn out just fine in a Dutch oven or chopped into pieces and cooked on a gas stove.

Chocolate orange campfire cupcakes

A super fun take on campfire baking, these cake filled oranges are always a massive hit with the kids. This recipe uses a pre-made brownie mix, but if you’re feeling organised, then mix your own cake or brownie mix and make an activity of camp baking to keep the kids happy whilst the campfire gets going.

Grilled fruit kabobs

Omit the key lime yogurt dip and this is another wonderfully healthy dessert option. A light and refreshing finish to a meat heavy grill. But if your naughty side is getting the better of you then you won’t regret whipping up the decadent and creamy dip for a camping dessert at its best.

Campfire glazed peaches and figs

Throw all your fruit into a Dutch oven and then leave it to work its campfire magic. This recipe is ideal for using up forgotten fruit that is verging on being over-ripe. The ripeness will only make the dish all the sweeter and you may not even need to add sugar. This recipe can also be done on a gas burner.

5 simple snacks for out and about

Trail mix energy bites

Trick your little ones into loving this naughty little sweet treat that is packed full of energy, but barely a grain of refined sugar in sight! Make a batch before you head out camping, or whip them up on site with the kids –  no oven needed.

Savoury shortbread cookies

These savoury cookies are such a cheesy treat that they make a great snack on their own. Cover them in onion marmalade and you’ve got the makings of a rather delicious dish for any teddy bears picnic. You’ll need to make a big batch at home as they will disappear quickly once they’ve been sampled at camp.

Cinnamon berry granola bars

Packed full of dried fruit, nuts and seeds, these snack bars are ideal for snacking on out on the trail or in a packed lunch. They’ll fill a gap nicely, providing sustained energy until the long awaited evening campfire feast.

Sweet potato hummus and pita bread

Shop bought hummus doesn’t last very long once it’s opened, so have a go at making your own at camp. This sweet potato hummus will require a bit of elbow grease without a blender, but you’ve got to earn your snack some how right?

Campfire bread and chocolate spread

If you need to keep the kids occupied for the afternoon then light the fire and get them to make their own campfire bread. Serve it up with some peanut butter or even better, swirl some Nutella into the dough before you cook it!

A two day camping menu

With so many great camping meals out there and so many different things to consider when putting together you camping food list, it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start. Getting prepped for a weekend in the wild with kids can be a challenge at the best of times, and the last thing you want to do is create more stress for yourself by trying to serve up restaurant standard food the whole weekend. So to take out some decision making, I’ve put together a list of meals that the whole family will love.

This camping menu is balanced, packed full of loads of vitamins, delicious and super easy to make. It will be plenty of food for a family of four camping for a weekend and the menu covers the following meals:

  • Friday night dinner – Camping nachos

  • Friday night dessert – Banana boats

  • Saturday breakfast – One-pan full English

  • Saturday lunch – Couscous, clementine and chickpea salad

  • Saturday dinner – Coconut curry noodles

  • Saturday dessert – canned rice pudding with chocolate melted in

  • Sunday breakfast – Peshwari porridge

  • Sunday lunch – Asian wraps

  • Snacks x 4

Great camping food should not only be delicious and packed full of great nutrition, but it also shouldn’t turn into a chore or a hassle. So whatever you end up choosing to serve up on your wilderness adventure, make sure it’s as fun to prepare and cook as it is to eat.

Enjoy, happy campers!


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