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13 Useful Gifts for Hikers and Walkers

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Finding good gifts for hikers is actually a pretty easy task. Mostly, because there is seemingly no end to the amount of hiking gear and gadgets available. If your gift recipient is new to hiking, then you’ve basically got free reign on anything from a simple flask to technical backpacks and outer layers. Even if you’re buying for an experienced hiker there’s a ton of things they’ll almost certainly need and want, but haven’t prioritised over other more essential items. And if in doubt then you can’t go wrong with a good old pair of hiking socks!

CamelBak Hot Cap Vacuum-Insulated Coffee Tumbler

For those who like to brave the mountains during the winter this insulated coffee tumbler is the ideal way to sip as you walk. The innovative 360º lid means you can drink from any side of the bottle while you trundle along. And the leak-proof cap can easily be twisted open without even having to take your gloves off. It’s also the perfect gift for coffee loving hikers who need their fix to push them up the next peak!

Topo Designs Klettersack

Appealing aesthetics and timeless style aren’t the only desirable features of this climbing inspired backpack. Made from 1000 denier Cordura, and with heavy duty buckles, it’s super durable and ready for a day roaming the hills, too. Plus, it has features, like the internal laptop sleeve, that make it ideal for everyday use. A one-bag-fits-all kind of gift!

CloudLine Merino Wool Hiking Socks

It wouldn’t be a complete list of hiking gifts it it didn’t include at least one pair of socks! And although giving socks may seem like a bland and predictable gift, they’ll always be appreciated by keen hikers. Good quality hiking socks don’t come cheap, and they also don’t last forever. So grab a pair of magical merino socks that are moisture wicking, odour resistant and wonderfully comfortable, and you’ll be giving the gift of sweet smelling, happy feet — now that’s sure something to remembered for, if nothing else!

Leatherman Wave Plus Multi-Tool

A multi-tool is another one of those gifts for hikers that is super useful in everyday life. The Leatherman Wave Plus is sure to get plenty of use in whatever scenario you find yourself in, especially when there are 17 hardwearing stainless steel tools to choose from. A good multi-tool should be on the essentials packing list of every hiker, even if it’s just there at the ready for those emergency situations that hopefully won’t ever happen!

Field Notes Expedition Edition 3-Pack

If you’ve ever lost a sketch, story or notes because of an unexpected downpour then you’ll know just how frustrating it can be. So for budding landscape artists, outdoor researchers and adventure writers this all-purpose notebook is an invaluable gift. The book contains dot graph printed pages, and the Yupo synthetic paper is both waterproof and tearproof. Get it in the hands of a journaling hiker and they can scribble away to their heart’s content, rain or shine.

Mountains Are Calling Enamel Steel Mug

With a 22oz (624ml) capacity, and a 3.5in (9cm) diameter, this is one supersized mug! Tea and coffee drinkers can linger for longer over their break, dreaming up their next adventure in the mountains — inspired by good old John Muir. Or enjoy the post hike satisfaction of wrapping cold, weather-beaten hands around the rustic warmth of an enamel mug filled with your favourite campfire heated brew. Aaaah. Life doesn’t get much better than that!

Merino Buff

Probably the most versatile piece of gear you can gift a hiker or outdoor lover is a buff. It can be worn in 13 different ways, not to mention other uses, like a makeshift bandage, face cloth or t-towel! Plus, opt for one made out of magical merino wool and it will stay fresh-smelling for longer, wick away moisture effectively and regulate temperature in both hot and cold conditions. One of the best gifts for hikers? Even better than socks?! I think so.

UST Heritage Lensatic Compass

This UST Heritage Lensatic Compass, with all its vintage charm, certainly looks like it belongs only on the shelves of would-be adventurers. Despite its good looks, however, its features keep it functioning just as well as any other modern compass. Housed in a shock-resistant case, the compass has luminous directional letters for use in low-light, an adjustable lens that allows for dependable sighting, and a liquid interior with precision alignment. The result is highly accurate readings that enforce the need to scrub up on your navigational skills instead of relying on a trusty (and lazy) old GPS device!

How to Hike the Appalachian Trail

Hiking the Appalachian Trail is a dream for many hikers. Completing it, however, is something very few people actually do. So for those who’ve dreamed for long enough and are ready to take the next big step in their commitment to hiking, getting some tips and advice from Chris Cage is a must. In his book How to Hike the Appalachian Trail, Cage provides a step-by-step guide to efficiently plan for a successful thru-hike. The book is everything he wishes he would have known before starting, and helps give hikers the best chance of turning dreams into reality.

Stanley Master Flask

One of the great joys of hiking during the winter is the excuse to slowly sip on something strong as you hike. A winter warmer at its best (providing you only sip, and don’t guzzle!). The sleek design of this 8oz (227ml) hip flask means you can carry it easily in your pocket to readily share around each time you stop. And the leak-proof screw top is attached to the main flask to prevent dropping it in the snow with clumsy, glove-clad hands. To add a personal touch, make a batch of homemade sloe gin to go with it — guaranteed happy hikers all round!

Brunton Echo Pocket Scope Monocular

This pocket-sized monocular is a superb and unique gift for hikers who already have everything. With a power output of 7×18 magnification hikers can spot landmarks, hazards or wildlife from up to 1000 yards away with a field of view of 181 feet. Great for helping with navigation and bird spotting. The Echo is available in 4 bright colours and weights only 51g (1.8oz) — pair it with some hiking socks and you’ve got stocking fillers well and truly covered.

Therm-a-Rest Z Seat Cushion

Hikers spend so much of their time on their feet. And when they do take a mid-hike break their options are often cold, soggy ground, or hard, knobbly rocks — neither of which provides any comfort or rest. So what better gift to give a hard-working, weary hiker than something to sit on? This Therm-a-Rest Z Seat Cushion provides insulation on cold ground, just enough cushioning on hard rocks, and is waterproof to prevent a soggy backside. It folds up to be easily attached to the outside of a pack, and at only 2oz (57g), it’s also incredibly lightweight to carry. Couple if with a CamelBak Hot Cap Vacuum-Insulated Coffee Tumbler and you’ve got trail breaks sorted!

United By Blue Field Guide Bandana

Much like a buff, a bandana has a thousand uses on the trail. With a snippet of illustrated wildlife identification, this Field Guide Bandana is especially useful! It is 22 x 22in (55 x 55cm) and made from organic cotton. But what really sets this simple piece of attractive looking cloth apart from other pieces of cloth, is that United By Blue promises to remove 1 pound of wilderness trash for every bandana sold. A stocking filler for everyone!

Gifts for hikers don’t need to be expensive. And with a little thought, they also don’t need to be yet another useless item that the recipient just doesn’t need. Opt for one of our hiking gift ideas and you’ll be sure to make one happy hiker.


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